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Cover Letter 致世界科幻大会的一封信(英文版)

未来事务管理局   发表于  2014-02-19 20:23

We can assure you again that you, who are reading this letter, will have a very good time in this amazing Sci-fi country, as you know why.

Dear honored WSFS Committee, 

Here represents the Future Affairs Administration, a SF fan organization hailing you from China (and the past, providing no casual chain has been disturbed by the existence of this email). 

And, to full fill the prophecy - eh, timeline - we have formed the Bejing Worldcon Organizing Committee, and have come to apply for the 2016 WorldconOur proposed venue is the China National Convention Center (CNCC), and our proposed dates are from Aug.14 – Aug.19, 2016 (UTC+8)

Please find attached a letter of agreement from the conference center, as well as all the facility details. Said agreement includes four hundred hotel suits provided by CNCC, and hotels within a 3 km area could further provide around 5000 rooms. 


Why do we bidding for the Worldcon? Because future belongs to China! Please refer to any SF novel wrote after 1990 for evidence. Or, as Boot and Shoe Recorder put it in 1914, "China may be a great shoe market a decade or a century from now." With buildings going up everywhere, technology advancing like flying, and all kinds of conflicts stemming out of progress, we are arguably the most scifi place in the world. 

Future battles, not only against alien monsters in Pacific Rim but also against Megatron in American cities, human beings need China. Even Gravity requires a Chinese space station to the rescue. 

With the world’s largest population, China is growing into the largest Sci-fi country both for books and movies. Besides, Scifi has a very special place in China – as is mentioned by a recent blog on, the most important Chinese writer in the early 20th century, Luxun, start his career by translating Jules Verne, because he believed science fiction is an important part of “Mr. Science” and is crucial for the advancement of Chinese nation. And his opinion has a long-lasting effect. 

As a future teller, we can assure you that the 2016 Worldcon will be extremely exiting if you choose China. 


Why are we qualified to do it? FAA is a new SF fan organization, but most of us are veterans in terms of organizing events and time management skill (no, not THAT kind of time management, despite the name). 

Many of us are core members in organizing One-Youth Talk (万有青年烩), a TED-like event which usually runs for a whole day and involves five hundred people on a monthly basis, but once per year would turn into an upgraded version that lasts three days and attracts about three thousand (and requires admission fee; we do have financial experiences). During the last three years we have already held about 50 OYT events, with thirty thousand viewers in real life; three months ago we start putting videos online and now we’ve already got 2 million hits. 

We have organized events in National Convention Center, which you know, is built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics as Media Center. 


Why do we have the confidence to do it? China has dozens of excellent Sci-fi writers and millions of enthusiastic sci-fi audience, all longing to witness the annual sci-fi carnival here in this country. With the large population of sci-fi fans as our backup group, we also maintain regular contact with all the best SciFi writers and critics from Japan, Canada, and US, such as Ken Liu, Robert Sawyer, Neil Gaiman.... Some of them have shown interest in our work, and we are always encouraged by their support to us. 

Ken Liu, a Chinese-American science-fiction writer and winner of Nebula and Hugo, will be the promotion ambassador of our team. With vision of future, we would like to invite some icons who also have future vision, including people like Ray Kuzweil and Kevin Kelly. 


Additional benefits for all participator guaranteed: In the Sci-fi journey to China in 2016, you will be invited to visit the most Sci-fi and scientific places in the ancient country. Discount flight tickets, hotel rooms, delicious Chinese food, plus amazing science museums and even dinosaur mining site will be provided to your members. 

After the event, several domestic Tourist routes within China, costing only 1000 dollars, will be jointly designed by, most popular science website, and, most famous tourist website in China. 

We can assure you again that you, who are reading this letter, will have a very good time in this amazing Sci-fi country, as you know why. 



FAA Bidding Committee



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